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Recycled Wren House


Black and Gold


Slant Roof Bird House



Wooden A-Frame Wren house


UPC 48
Brand Looker Products

This wooden A-frame wren house has a floor that pivots down for easy cleaning. The entrance hole is 1 1/8". It can be mounted with a screw or hung. This feeder has a green roof.


Wooden wren house by Woodlink


UPC 715038000000
Brand Woodlink

This fabulous wooden house has a front hinged opening witha lock for easy cleaning. Can be post mounted or hung with the included re-inforced hanger. A great wren house.


Wren House (GGWren)


UPC 715038000000
Brand Woodlink

This cute hanging wren house is made from recycled plastics in the USA. It has an entry hole of 1 1/8". It has a side cleanout.


Coppertop chickadee wren bird house by Woodlink


UPC 715038000000
Brand Woodlink

The chickadee and wren are most likely to use nesting houses. This wooden house has a 1 1/8 inch entrance hole. Post-mount screws are included. Beautiful coppertop roof adds elegance to your yard.


Coppertop Wren House WH101


UPC 715038310013
Brand Woodlink

This adoreable house is made with real copper. The front is laser-etched and is decorative and functional. The bottom is pre-drilled for mounting and comes with a metal cable for hanging option. 1" hole. Made in USA.


Cedar ultimate bluebird house


UPC 789453000000
Brand Bird's Choice/Backyard Nature Products

This lovely bluebird house has a predator resistant entrance hole. The hinged side doors open for viewing and easy cleaning. The roof overhangs for weather protection while vents and drainage holes keep the nest dry and cool. A raised screen floor reduces blowfly infestations. A front wall screen helps fledgings climb to the entrance hole. Amercian Bluebird Society approved. Can be post or pole mounted.


View-thru cedar bluebird house


UPC 3000083
Brand se 542

This wooden bluebird house has a sturdy clear plastic window that prevent disturbing the nest, yet allows you to view and monitor the nest. The plastic will lift out for easy cleaning. The hinged side has a nail lock to keep the plastic hidden until viewing. A predator guard is located right inside the entrance hole to protect the nest. Ventilation and drainage holes help keep the house clean. Made of cedar. Can be post-mounted. American Bluebird Society approved.