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Superior suet cake 11oz.


UPC 748884000000
Brand Pine Tree Farms

Ingredients: rendered beef suet, cracked corn, white millet, chopped peanuts


Bluebird nuggets plus


UPC 18222005260
Brand C & S

For bluebird feeding, this ready to feed wild bird food has a high energy suet base. The suet is blended with additional high oil content ingredients. This formulation is a favorite of bluebirds and other fruit and insect eating birds. 27 oz.


The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of Eastern North America


UPC 9780547119342

"Unlike field guides for adults, which can be overwhelming, this one provides just right amount of information to be useful and fun. Loaded with color photographs, drawings, interesting facts, range maps, and an easy-to-use species checklist, it's the perfect companion for hours of birwatching fun."


Birds of Indiana


UPC 9781885061904

Make your bird identification easier, more informative and productive with this handy field guide. Containing 112 species of only Indiana birds, allows for the opportunity to look up birds by the easy to use color guide. This book also contains fact-filled information, migration maps, and full color photos. The perfect gift for the beginning birder or someone who just loves birds!


For the Birds: A Month-to-Month Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Back Yard


UPC 9781584797173

"For the Birds covers every area of bird essentials, from basics like types of birdseed to more exotic food choices like mealworms; from the correct depth for a birdbath, to where to place a nesting box. The unique month-to-month format gives you information you want when you need it, explaining what birds are looking for in terms of food, habitat, water, and nesting every month of the year"


Outwitting Squirrels Second Edition


UPC 9781556523021

"101 cunning stratagems to reduce dramatically the egregious misappropriation of seed from your bird feeder by squirrels"


Purple Martins 400 Questions and Answers


This fantastic book offers all the information regarding Purple Martins. Topics include: -Attracting Purple Martins -Types of Housing -Pests and Predators -Parasites -Nesting Time Chart -Migration, daily growth and weather charts -Other general information User Friendly.


Amish Buggy Wren House


Amish Buggy Wren House


Hanging wooden lifting roof wren house


UPC 100000047
Brand se 575

Wrens will love this perfect little house. The roof slides up the nylon cord for viewing and cleaning. The entrance hole is 1 1/8 inch diameter. This house has a green roof.